General Information/Forums Rules

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General Information/Forums Rules

Hello everyone, please take a minute and read these simple rules and information about the forums.

Before posting:

1. This is a private website, so posting is a privilege not a right.

1a. So whenever your post is inappropriate, any Management or Moderator member have the right to either: edit, delete the post, close or even to an extent ban the user.

2. Please read the "STICKYS" and "ANNOUNCEMENTS" as most of them are important and are there for a reason.

3. Please browse the forums or use the "search" function (at the top of the forums) before making a new topic, as it may have been discussed already.

4. Post your topic in the correct forum. Read the definitions of each forum so that you can get an idea, whether your topic is related to the right forum or not.

5. Please stay on topic! Thread hijacking is not acceptable, and can result in a temp ban if it happens often. Threads are made for a specific topic, if you want to talk randomly do so on your own (in a pm, instant messenger, e-mail, new thread, etc..)

6. Ban Disputes. Please do NOT post to ban disputes unless you are:
A) The Person Banned
B) The Banning Admin
C) A Player who can provide PROOF (Demo, Screenshot, Console Log).
D) Management Member

6a. Same rules apply to any threads started, that are in regards to a ban dispute as well. 1 post saying "Please fill out a ban dispute" is acceptable, but NOT really needed.

7. If you go into a forum section, please read the rules if there are rules for that section. If there IS, then please follow them. If there is NOT, then just follow the rules posted here.

8. If you post "content" that might be viewed wrongly by others, please post a warning in your thread/post title.

9. This is a English forum, so please keep the language in English.


1. These can only be made by a Management member, so contact any Management member in regards to these.


1. Nudity(nipples, bush), porn, links to adult/inappropriate websites are not allowed.

2. No foul, degrading, or racist remarks.

NOTE: Our community is open to registration and participation by members age 13 and up. Please respect the younger gamers and keep the language clean.

3. Personal vendettas, arguments or fights between anyone should be dealt with personally and privately (Do Not Do It Publicly)

4. No advertising.

5. This community does NOT support posting of torents, warez, or ANY illegally obtainable material and is NOT responsible for any action taken by the "author" of the material. Posts containing links to copy written material will result in your topic/post getting deleted, and in some cases even a ban.

Thank you in advance.


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